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Who/What are you going to be??

Halloween is upon us once again, so…..Who/What are you going to be??

Every year I am normally getting 4-5 costumes together, 3 kids, me and sometimes Clay….so I generally start preparing in September…..the kids and I decided pretty early what we wanted to be, so I’ve had a lot of time to get everything organized, but when I came home from my trip to Victoria, my son says that he has changed his mind about what he wants to be….thanks to his Dad, one of the days I was gone they watch a Friday the 13th marathon on TV, so ya….you guessed it he now wants to be Jason….thanks goodness it was an easy costume change! Since Clay is away at work this Halloween I have enlisted Lissy to be my Halloween partner….pictures to follow after our night out!

So…..when you dress up, do you get creative, our do you put on the same thing ever year? Do you like to dress up with others or alone?

Here is a great family costume if you still need an idea:

Happy costume hunting!!!

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  1. Maya

    OMG! That picture is hilarious! I look forward to seeing what your Halloween looks like!

  2. Kristi

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  3. Kristi

    That picture is AWESOME!!! Although I am a little disturbed at the fact that the little girl has her hands on the Dad’s costume penis… :P

  4. Farrell


  5. turbo teacher

    WOWSERS! That’s an “interesting” costume choice…and here I am still having trouble with the “va-ja-ja” word – when I could just dress up like one ;)

  6. Janice

    OMG! Where did you find the family photo,it is just way too funny!