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Often, I see these blog posts on the blogs I follow, you’ve seen the kind too:

“What I Wore!”

“Today’s Style!”

“My Closet is My BFF!”

“I Look Really Pretty Today!”

and I think to myself, “That looks easy enough, I’m pretty and my closet is my longest, if not my best, friend, I could totally do that for a blog post!”

Then I remember that:

  • more days than not, I go straight to work from the gym… without showering (I’m not much of a sweater, ok? It’s not that gross. Meems hasn’t complained, yet…).
  • I haven’t worn makeup in months and months. It’s actually been so long, that I think I have to turf all my makeup and start from scratch. Which means I’ll never wear any again.
  • on the regular I forget to wear a bra


  • at least once a week I wear one article of clothing (sometimes more) that I slept in the previous night, to work (Meems hasn’t complained, yet. #itsnotthatgross).
  • Sometimes more than one of those happens at once. Sometimes they all happen, like today:

Photo 2015-02-18, 11 14 41 AM

Meems and I actually have a name for this type of fashion, it’s pretty much our favorite here are Polluted Pixie. We call it: Lazy Sexy Cool.


So, I guess I won’t be doing I real “What I Wore!” anytime soon. Or I could, but I’d prefer you all keep this incredibly accurate picture of me in your head instead:


Photo 2015-02-18, 11 44 51 AM



2 Responses

  1. Mummy

    As usual you are so darn funny!

  2. Lydia Brittany

    We love you all the more for it!