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Weekend at Mt. Washington

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Before Clayton & I had kids our biggest love (besides each other) was snowboarding. We used to spend our winters snowboarding as much as humanly possible. I even snowboarded while pregnant with my first two kids. Well, times have changed and we don’t get up even a quarter as much as we would like….and having kids makes things more difficult and expensive. But this weekend our whole family were invited to spend the weekend with our friends, Andrea & Bob, and their kids up at Mt. Washington in their condo. It was a beautiful sunny weekend…and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So, friday morning we packed up, dropped the dog off with Lissy, and up the mountain we went.

After doing and getting all the things we needed in town, we got up to the condo around 3pm. The kids were dying to get their snow gear on and play in the snow. After a few hours everyone came in, we made dinner, kids played, and we sat around talking and have some drinks together. Then it was off to bed to get some rest before a day of  boarding.

We woke to a beautiful sunny day……my favorite weather for snowboarding….I love spring conditions. We got to the lodge and got Sanoah set up in her snowboarding lessons (she was so excited).

So, after we got Sanoah all set up and off, we took the other 2 kids to get their gear. Clay & I decided we would teach the older 2 kids ourselves. Rumer has tried snowboarding one other time, and Soren had never tried yet…..they both did so great, lots of falling on their butts at first, but by the end of their day they had the basics and were quickly improving. On our way down to the chair lift we could see Sanoah and her group and we watched her from afar, and waved to her as she got on the chair.

Our friend Bob took all the kids back to the condo and Clay & I got a few runs in all to ourselves….I’ll have to admit we both felt like we were young again, doing what we both love and loved so much together again….it was a great moment. The weather and snow were perfect. Snowboarding has such a free feeling…like no cares in the world….perfect.

    It was a great day and weekend all around. The kids had tons of fun and all of them can’t wait to do it again. Going snowboarding reminded us how much we love to do it, even though we can’t do it as much as we’d like, it also gave us the push to make it happen more for the kids and us.