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We are lazy bloggers….

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We might be lazy about blogging, but look at us learning new crochet techniques!

This is called the Tunisian Crochet, we learned about it here.  Obvs Lissy’s is the better one, because while it’s not like I totally suck at everything, she is just WAY better and faster than me :)  We also improvised on the afghan hook, by wrapping an elastic around the end of a regular crochet hook.  If I was gonna do a big project, I would probs try and find the fancy one.

So what we are gonna make is mason jar wraps.  Why, you ask, would we need wraps for mason jars?  Well, we have found, (thanks to Kim) a great little company from Massachusetts called Cuppow. They are a two person operation, that had a awesome idea that sprang into a business with unlimited potential!  Especially with us hippy kid generation…..


Look it how fast she is!!

So yeah, the Cuppow’s are currently on route and we will update when they arrive!!


Ps. The the buttons are made by Scientific Culture which we sell in store for $2!