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Town Day

Definition: Long. Tiring. Expensive. And usually ends with a bad Fast Food meal choice, restless kids you have bribed with too much sugar and a lot of garbage in your car.

See, there are pros and cons of living on a little island and having to go to town to shop is way up at the top of the cons list. Its always a last minute decision for me, based on amount of sleep I’ve had the night before, how many children will join the adventure and double/triple checking if it really must be done at all.

To town it is…. Put on a little extra makeup, make sure (when you are bending over all day chasing after your kid) that your butt crack will remain neatly tucked in your jeans or usually in my case covered by a long sweater. What they cant see wont hurt them right? ;)

Why the extra makeup you ask…? Well its a day out on the town right? Wrong. As an Island Girl, that doesn’t get out much, you must be prepared to run into someone from high school or possibly even an ex boyfriend and it’s important to feel good about yourself.

The one mistake I always make as a breastfeeding mom is putting on that impractical long sweater I mentioned earlier. This causes discomfort when trying to wrench out the goods for the whiny lil guy, especially when you’re already super sweaty from all that running around. Oh! and don’t forget the push up bra to make the girls look a lil perkier for Town Day. Also a bad choice to try and be flipping up at the demand of a small child.

If you all looked up Quadra Island in the Urban Dictionary like I mentioned in my last post, then you would understand why we put a little extra effort in on Town Day. Of course I never run into the friends I want to see and by the time I’m done dragging kids through grocery stores I don’t have energy to visit them. I’m pretty sure I see my “city” friends more often then my “town” friends.

So I my apologies to my  “towny” friends that I miss. I would rather be having tea with you then dragging children around spending too much money, running for ferry’s and going home with what Lissy calls a “Town Hangover”.


2 Responses

  1. Crystal

    That’s funny Alli! Even living IN the city, I find it a huge (and pre-planned/thought out) production to go do a BIG shop. I very rarely leave the little area of Oak Bay which encompasses my house, the kids’ school and some stores I grab a ‘few’ things at. When I do venture out, typically for a massive shop at Walmart or Costco, I too, return with a ‘hangover’ of some sort. Even with just one kid in tow and no more breast feeding! Best of luck today! :)

  2. Abby

    Ummm. This blog is turning out to be a great form of birth control…
    Thanks for the post Alli- loved it!