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Toddler Bonnet Patterns

Hi Friends! Guess what! You’ve probably guessed by the title, but… Our toddler bonnet patterns are up on etsy now!


You know, when we started making bonnets, it never occurred to us that someone might want to put their toddler in a bonnet. We thought 18 months was the tops someone would want one for their babe. Let’s face it, it’s been a few days since I’ve had a toddler (about 4380, google tells me) and Mandy was still growing her first baby, so we had no idea.

We were very, very, wrong.

We had so many requests that we finally had to increase our sizes.

And do you know what we learned?

  • Toddlers are adorable in bonnets
  • My head is smaller than the average 3 year old…

We’ve started with the bestsellers (the brimless bonnet with hippo ear ad-on and the brimmed bonnet with the lamb ear ad-on) and will be adding the toddler sizes slowly there after :)


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Buy it here


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Buy it here


Stay tuned for our next toddler sized patterns and, even though it’s not quite even summer, we’ll be starting to create our knit and crochet baby hat patterns too:)