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Today is the day… Lissy made me write a blog.

I remember waaaay back in the early 2000’s, I had a LiveJournal, cause I was sort of emo. Well mainly I was dating a guy who was emo . Once I gave up my LiveJournal and subsequent boyfriend, I haven’t felt the need to write my memoirs on the internet (ignoring incessant status updates of course). Now Lissy is making me, sooo…..

Hi. I am Mandy. I like stuff and stuff related activities. My favorite smell is my sleeping kitty’s tummy. It smells like kitty and moss with just a hint of dirt. I smelt it this morning, that’s how I know.

Lissy and I have lots of fun together in our store. Yesterday we had a hilarious conversation about which Hogwarts House we would be in. Lissy is a Hufflepuff.

We have lots of lovely visitors who stop by for tea, bring us treats, and give us their money in exchange for fun things. We like the last thing the best. Possibly. No the treats part is the best, money second. Yeah.

Ill try not to be a stranger, and write more things!

ps. I am totally a Ravenclaw btw.