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Things We’ve Done Since We Last Spoke: An Update

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We’re bad at this. Blogging. We’re aware of this. We are bad at many things that require motivation. I could list them all, but I’m here for a good time, not a long time. Just kidding, it’s the opposite of that, really.


These are some of the things we’ve been doing while not blogging:



First off, I’m just going to put it out there that we’ve known that Poppy was indeed a girl baby (“Probably Female”, that is, according to her ultrasound results) for weeks and weeks now. And now you know too.


This is my girl, I think she has my nose, Mandy doesn’t agree.


Photo 2015-01-24, 10 02 40 AM


This is me and Meems at our Christmas “staff party”. We are, of course, adorable and hungry, as always.

Photo 2014-12-11, 7 11 40 PM



We live here, therefore it’s rad….

Or are we rad because we live here?

Either way, we are rad, and so are the things we make.

Photo 2014-12-12, 12 38 25 PM


My Christmas Eve jammies turned me into Rudolph’s Misfit Elephant. I was in no way mad about this and immediately sent this text to all my besties. Who all love me so much that they highly appreciated the 11:45 txt of me in my PJ’s and showered me in praise.

Photo 2014-12-24, 11 02 11 PM

And then our bestie Kirstie put us through 66 hours of hell while she squeezed this nugget out.

66 hours.

It was awful, for us.

Photo 2015-01-18, 7 30 58 AM

Photo 2015-02-07, 12 47 43 PM

Photo 2015-01-18, 8 04 44 AM