It’s not a bad thing, change. Sometimes it can feel like it, but it always leads to something new. New = Exciting (and scary). Polluted Pixie, as you’ve known us for the passed 4 years, is about to change. Metamorphosis. Evolution. Transfiguration. We’re downsizing. We’re getting back to the basics of The Dirty Fairy Enterprise. Starting in April, we’ll be in a new, smaller location. Still in the Quathiaski Cove Plaza, but in the back, in a studio space. Yup, … Read More

What do you think?

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So Starbucks has announced that they are updating their logo…….. Now I have 2 questions for you…… #1: What do you think? #2: Why do you think they are updating…for a new look or to avoid things like this happening to their logo? (see pics below) Let me know what you think……