Girls with Tattoos

Sunday marked another Quadra Girls tattoo day, with Kim, Kirstie, Maya, Brandi and myself all driving down to Courtenay to the Black Rose Tattoo Company. All of us, but Brandi, got “bro tats” And then we got tats of our own:   Beautiful Brandi got her roses filled.And they’re pretty. Everyone is happily healing now. I’m having a hard time not picking at mine, sometimes I do pick at it…. ‚ô•Lissy

Let’s talk Tattoos…..

So, what do you think of tattoos? Do you love them, hate them? Do you have any? What are they? I myself love tattoos! I got my first tattoo when I was 21, 2 months after my first child was born, a small blue star on my lower back. Then about 3 yrs ago I had a major itch to get more….so I got 2 stars, one on each of my frontal shoulders, then a year later I got 3 … Read More