Short Hair Musings

Mandy and I cut our hair sometimes.Short.It’s been awhile for both of us, though. 4 years for me, longer for her.The time’s coming up.Every season that comes into being sees us picking out new short cuts and saying, “soon…”This week, from Pintrest: Those of you that know us personally can probably figure out who wants what cut. ‚ô•Lissy

Long > Short

Do you say “Lumos” before flipping a light switch? When confronted with a broken phonebooth, do you pick up the receiver and say “Ministry of Magic please.” ? Well, if you do, you’re more of a Harry Potter fanatic then I am, but I do love the books and movies. Also, I love Emma Watson. I’m pretty sure I want to be her when I grow up. I mean really, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s artistic, and while other actresses … Read More