A Sneak Peak …

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Hawaii.Tomorrow. I’m frantic with all the packing and prep-ing the house today. I’m feeling a little like a crazy person actually. Anywho, since I’ll be radio silent for the next 14 days. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what to expect when I get back. Maybe you’ve heard me mention a Scrappy B!tch…? And if you had a crush on Skye, you may have some warm feelings for these two B!tches… Now you … Read More

B!tch Bag: Skye

Meet Skye.Who ever said that B!tch and Stupid don’t go hand in hand? Skye buys 95% of her wardrobe from vintage boutiques. Which, you know, is fine, but here’s the thing, she refuses to shop in thrift stores, because she doesn’t want to wear other peoples old things…. Yeah, exactly… genius. She’s a self proclaimed “Boho Hippy”, (you didn’t think her parents gave her the name Skye did you? No,  she chose her own “flowing” name. *eye roll*) that practices … Read More

!!!Grand Opening!!!

That’s right! We finally did it. We put items in our etsy shop!!! Yup, we’re pretty excited about it… it only took us, like, 3 years to get to it, (No really, check out our opening date… it says 2009) but we did it! You may have noticed our absence lately, well now you know the cause. We’ve been working like crazy, using up our immense amounts of brain cells, trying to get all the details in order. Shipping materials, … Read More

B!tchBag: Meet Billie.

Yer Hot. Ya know it.Didn’ ya jus’ steal that guy from that lil’ bit o’ nuttin’ ‘cross the bar? All ya had ta do was ride that there mechanical bull, an’ he was yers… Well then, how come all yer baby sister has ta do is wear a bit o’ lace,  bat ‘er baby blues, an’ he’s pantin’ in her lap like a fly on warm sh!t?  Neither o’ them even threw a guilty look yer way as they ditched … Read More

B!tchBag: Ellie-Mae

Meet Ellie-Mae.It’s Girls Night Out. You look amazing. You know it, and he knows it too. Already he’s bought you two drinks and is trying to talk you into some shots of Fireball. Yeah, that’s right, you have his full attention… That is until he spots this Country B!tch across the room, riding the Mechanical Bull. She won’t be riding a bull ever again though, because now she’s just a B!tch Bag… waiting to be your B!tch. Ellie-Mae is 12×8″ … Read More

B!tchBag3: Kelsey

Meet Kelsey.This vacillant vegan just gave you Stink-eye at the grocery checkout for buying chicken breast and then mouthed the word, “Murderer”. But look again, this B!tches shoes are made of 100% cowhide…   Not anymore though, now she’s just a B!tchBag, waiting to be your B!tch. Kelsey was created from a vintage (early 80’s) “Marquis of London” leather jacket. This big girl’s got cinches on each side for easy weight loss or gain and 5 inner & 2 outer … Read More

B!tch Bag #2

Spencer This skinny bitch is all sugar and spice. Disgustingling hot on the outside, way too spicy on the inside. Everyone in school wants to be her, including you, even though she made out with your boyfriend and told the whole school you have h*rpes… Spencer was once a school girl kilt and jumper, but not anymore. Now she’s just a B!tch Bag.

B!tch Bag #1

 “Madge, You’re Such a Dick” MD is sooooo hipster. Much too hipster to be your friend anymore, after all, you shop at Old Navy and have no idea what glitch music is. Pft, you are such a mainstream conformist. In fact, this former best friend has totally nixed you simply because you can’t follow a convo about philosophy, you quit smoking and don’t own an ironic tshirt.   MD is made from Vintage Dick Tracy bed sheets, a flouncy black … Read More