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Today started a little bit earlier then usual for me, 6:11am, it stared with a dog whining in my face that he needed to go out, and because he just had surgery on his eyelid a few days ago he is not allowed to just wander around outside by himself, he has to be on a leash and I have to take him for a walk, so up I got…… Jake So, by 6:50am I had walked the dog, made … Read More


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            Happy Summer Solstice!!!! How are you spending this not so sunny summer solstice ?? My husband and I were just asking ourselves that same question….what are we going to do today? It’s not hot enough to lay on the beach……and we both have the day off to day so we wanted to do something…..other then cleaning the house :( So, we have decided to go and do firewood….yes firewood, I know it’s summer, but you always have to stock … Read More


I break up with Monday every week, but it comes back week after week. Apparently it listens as well as a three year old. Not impressed. My weekend was amazing. The food, the hydropath, the company, my new flipflops, but not the bed. I’m still in pain from the bed. If you ever get the chance to go the the Kingfisher, I suggest you take your own pillow and an extra stomach. Am slightly grumpy today for no other reason … Read More


 (WeHeartIt) It’s that day again… Monday. I hate Mondays, as a rule, but this morning my mom took me out for breakfast (love you Mom!), so it’s not so bad. While eating breakfast, warm in the cafe, a steaming cuppa chai warming my paws, I watched my children (Kim’s too) run laps (ok, they didn’t actually run, they walked. Well, not really even walked, more like moseyed) around their school (all of the classes do this every morning). Maybe I … Read More