3 Needle Bind Off

If you’re a lazy, non-perfectionist knitter like me, you may hate the Kitchener Stitch and also hand sewing things, if that is the case, the 3 needle bind off is for you. It’s a tad awkward at first, but will quickly get comfortable and fast. If you’re here because you’ve purchased one of our patterns and are wondering what the heck a 3NBO is, welcome, I hope this makes sense to you :)   Tip: Use a larger size for … Read More

knitting a baby cowichan sweater: a love/hate affair

It started out as an exciting idea, these things usually do. Kirstie loves Cowichan sweaters and I’d never knit a sweater before, what did I know? A baby sweater seemed like a perfect first sweater to knit. I found an adorable pattern, bought my yarn and then I let it all sit, for awhile, as I do. These things can’t be rushed, and by “these things” I mean anything. Well, after it had sat for… well, about I month, I … Read More

A Marriage Moment with a touch o’ Craft…

ChrisTopher got home from work yesterday and went straight out to cut firewood. Me, being the Best Wife in the Whole World went out to help him. I grabbed my work gloves and skipped out to the woodshed. “Hi!” I chirped at him. Pulling on my gloves and slapping them together, my hands, in the gloves, that is. They made a fun thwap sound, so I did it again. Topher looked at me narrowly. “What are you doing?” “I’ve come … Read More