3 Needle Bind Off

If you’re a lazy, non-perfectionist knitter like me, you may hate the Kitchener Stitch and also hand sewing things, if that is the case, the 3 needle bind off is for you. It’s a tad awkward at first, but will quickly get comfortable and fast. If you’re here because you’ve purchased one of our patterns and are wondering what the heck a 3NBO is, welcome, I hope this makes sense to you :)   Tip: Use a larger size for … Read More

Layer Up.

It’s been raining for almost 2 weeks now. I suppose that means Fall is here. Usually I adore Fall, it’s my favorite season, but I was hoping for Summer to at lease last through August. Oh well. Fall means I get to sit inside drinking tea, reading, watching tv and knitting and no one can say f*ck all about it. It also means that I get to have 2 day weekends again. Not Mandy though, she only gets one, bahahahaha! … Read More