A Bazillion Years in the Making aka: Welcome!

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  Well, here we are, just like the title implies, a bazillion years later, and I finally finished the website. Well, I didn’t so much “finish it” as I said, “F*ck it! Good enough!”   Tada!   Besides the web page, we have a few new things happening:   1. We’ve opened our etsy shop again. For now we just have some awesome vintage collectibles listed, but soon that will be the place to buy our Quadra Island Apparel online. … Read More

Surf Culture

So…..I have a bit of a fascination with the surf culture…..fashion, people, laid back lifestyle, water, beach, tans, surfers, surf boards, movies, music, locations, you name it I love it! Yet, I don’t surf. My husband has done it a few times (whenever we go to Tofino) but there is really nowhere around here to do it. He is one of those people that gets on a surf board and can stand up first try. We both have always said … Read More