Town Day

Definition: Long. Tiring. Expensive. And usually ends with a bad Fast Food meal choice, restless kids you have bribed with too much sugar and a lot of garbage in your car. See, there are pros and cons of living on a little island and having to go to town to shop is way up at the top of the cons list. Its always a last minute decision for me, based on amount of sleep I’ve had the night before, how … Read More

Today I…

… woke after a dream that I delivered my own baby girl on the living room floor of a friends house. I hadn’t been pregnant before she decided to come out. (Have I mentioned that I don’t want more kids? This was a borderline nightmare.) … had to threaten my children with death unless they brushed their teeth. They laughed at me. … wish I had this colour nailpolish. … did not sneak candy while getting the kids ready for … Read More