A Crafty Sample…

So, I’ve got this friend. She’s very demanding. I grew up with her. And even though we sorta fell outta touch for the last… like… 16 years or so, and she lives…like… 18 hrs away, she feels she can demand things from me. Like entertaining blog posts. I know, right? *eye roll* Demanding. In her words, she’s “expecting big things from (my) blog this fall!”. Also, she’s insisting on seeing my talent on here too. I mean really, all you … Read More

Rings and Things

My MIL is coming for dinner tonight (she’s dropping her dog off for the week while she jumps over to Hawaii. Yes, we are a Dog Hotel). I should prob clean the bathroom, but not sure I’ll get around to it. She knows me, my MIL, I like to think that she rolls her eyes good-naturedly (I think that whenever anyone rolls their eyes at me it’s in a “oh she’s so adorably annoying” kinda way. I’m never wrong about … Read More