A Marriage Moment with a touch o’ Craft…

ChrisTopher got home from work yesterday and went straight out to cut firewood. Me, being the Best Wife in the Whole World went out to help him. I grabbed my work gloves and skipped out to the woodshed. “Hi!” I chirped at him. Pulling on my gloves and slapping them together, my hands, in the gloves, that is. They made a fun thwap sound, so I did it again. Topher looked at me narrowly. “What are you doing?” “I’ve come … Read More


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            Happy Summer Solstice!!!! How are you spending this not so sunny summer solstice ?? My husband and I were just asking ourselves that same question….what are we going to do today? It’s not hot enough to lay on the beach……and we both have the day off to day so we wanted to do something…..other then cleaning the house :( So, we have decided to go and do firewood….yes firewood, I know it’s summer, but you always have to stock … Read More