345 Minutes of Hell

Name the place from these phrases: “He’s looking at me!” “She kicked me!” “He threw something in my eye!” “She spat at me!” “I’m going to pull over right now, if you two don’t SHUT UP, and leave you right HERE!” Did you guess Hell? Cuz you’d be right. Also, if you guessed in the car with children, you’d be right too. Mom and I had the bright idea, the other day, to take my kids and my two nephews … Read More


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One for you and you and you…       Dear Ethan, Stop hiding the TV remote before you go to school. Contrary to popular belief, Mom does not need help curbing her TV “habit”. NOW GIVE ME THE REMOTE!!! MAMA’S MISSING HER STORIES!!!     Dear Book, I wish you would end. Why are you so boring? Do you know where the remote is?   Dear Chris, You are the rain in my rainbow. (Don’t look at me like … Read More

Weekend at Mt. Washington

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Before Clayton & I had kids our biggest love (besides each other) was snowboarding. We used to spend our winters snowboarding as much as humanly possible. I even snowboarded while pregnant with my first two kids. Well, times have changed and we don’t get up even a quarter as much as we would like….and having kids makes things more difficult and expensive. But this weekend our whole family were invited to spend the weekend with our friends, Andrea & Bob, … Read More