Ermmm… Hi

Sooo….. it’s been a year. More than a year, actually. Sorry, clearly we are the worst at a lot of things, blogging motivation being one of those things (exercising being another, and dealing with recycling… and completing a task to 100% completion and math). But anyways, here I am, saying, “Hi”. Hi. We’ve changed a bit in the last year. And by a bit, I mean hardly at all. We still drink too much tea and eat too much soft … Read More


Twitter When you put “followers” as a label into WeHeartIt  you find a twitter picture of Jesus… Wine postpones dinner….  It’s quicker to acquire Facebook fans than blog followers. So, we did it. We made a Facebook fan page. Look, follow through. We’re getting good at this. 15 minutes in and we have 9 fans. We rock. You know you love us, how could you not? Anyways, back to the Facebook, this is our page, become a fan, or like us … Read More

It’s Wednesday, hmmm…..

 (Source) Well, we’re doing it again. It’s Wednesday, and we’re…. um…. drinking wine. Wednesday may as well be called Wine Wednesday from here on out. Today our excuse was that it was sunny. Sunny Deck Drinking is essential to good blogging, or so we are telling ourselves. It sounds like a good excuse, doesn’t it? Today was actually a strategy day, or it was supposed to be. How to gain more followers? That was the question we are supposed to … Read More