calling up the chute

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Today is the 26 of February, I have approximately 50 days to convince Meems that I’m allowed in her birth room. This is an on going battle that started when our friend, Kirstie, had enough people to fill a football team at her birth and Meems got spooked:   Meems: “When I go into labour, I’m going to quietly slip away. None of you b!tches will know. I’ll drive myself. F*ck you f*ckers.” (I believe I’m paraphrasing only slightly. These … Read More

Guilt-free Icecream!!!!

Did you know (#1) that I LOVE DQ’s Reeses Pieces Blizzards? Kim and I have been known to pop in for a quick Blizzard snack while shopping in Campbell River (since we don’t have one on Quadra) now and again. Ok, we get onion rings too. We share though, so that there is no overindulgence, since Kim cares about such things. It goes like this: “We’d like one Reese’s Pieces Blizzard and one onion rings, please.” I order without making … Read More


  I’m feeling a little sad right now…..Clay (my husband) just left for the first time to his new job, which means 2 weeks away and 1 week home, the kids and I miss him so much already :( I know it will get better with time…..most things do, but right now I miss him :( He is my best friend in the whole wide world and the most amazing father to our kids !!! So yes, love is on … Read More


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My oldest friend, Cyan and I, Mayday 1987. We were pretty certain that the newspaper declaring us the future May Queens 1. Made us famous 2. Was as valid as a magic 8 ball, so like 100% true. Our little island celebrates Mayday the Saturday after the May long weekend every year. There’s a parade, maypole dancing, a cute little May Queen giving a speech, and my favorite part, bagpipes.  Pretty much our entire community goes to Rebecca Spit, rain … Read More

18 yrs……

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Today is my husband (we aren’t officially married ) and I’s 18th anniversary . Clay and I have been together since high school…..a rare thing nowadays ….high school sweethearts. Life together has mostly been great, we’ve had hard times, but really who hasn’t. After all these years we still love each, and want to raise our 3 amazing kids together….life is good!!! So, all I really have to say is “Happy Anniversary Clay, I love you….wow 18 yrs times fly” … Read More