It happens.

Me, coming across wrong that is. It happens a lot. My humor can be rather crooked. I can be too honest… or not honest enough. I say things and then leave it, never explaining what the hell I was talking about, what I was getting at. Sometimes when I try to explain myself, it doesn’t make any sense. I imagine it happens to you as well. I’m not the only quirky one in the world. Anyways, I got an email … Read More


I’ve been trying to blog for days now. Obviously it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried to come up with something to talk about, honestly, I’ve even tried to force it a few times by opening up the post writer and putting my fingers to the keyboard. Static. All I hear is static. So, rather than continue the silence, I figured I’d talk about it. Not that you’re not used to it by now, right? I mean, honestly, how many times have … Read More