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Super Cute Hair Twist + Curls = Awesome

Mandy and I spend a lot of time perusing the net for entertaining things while at work. Maybe too much time actually, sort of. But because of all this time, we sometimes come across awesome things that we probably should be sharing with you all, instead of just laughing our asses off and then forgetting about it. Well, I mean, occasionally we remember to post a link on Facebook, I like to think we’re (eh-hem…Mandy is) getting better at this.I’m off track.

Last week we found this tutorial. It’s old. Years old, doesn’t make it any less awesome though.

Initially, we thought it was just a super adorable way, easy, to wear your hair, turns out it’s more. It curls your hair like a hot damn. Sweet loose, slightly messy curls. Even mine and my daughters hair, which is virtually uncurl-able, submitted to rings from this technique, minus heat or product. Which, is crazy. My curl dream of the last 30 years has been fulfilled! I’m being dramatic. Weird.

Anyways, Kaid and I curled our hair this weekend, multiple times. It’s addictive. And this morning, we discovered that Mandy is rocking the twist as a ‘do. She’s sorta really stinkin’ cute.

Three things that are true:

  1. This takes less than 10 min to do
  2. If the band you use is too tight, you will deform your skull (my forehead is rather lumpy as we speak…)
  3. My hair will look better than yours. Obviously.
(Kaid’s sick, that’s not her regular face. Well, it sorta is, actually.)


(This chick is adorable, with her awesome curls and accent. In fact, she may make you feel less cute, just sayin’.)  For more video tutorials visit: The Lipstick Diaries