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Style Crush: Braids

My daughters and I are loving the braid trend right now……I’ve learned a lot of different braids in the last few years, there are tutorials everywhere. What hair trend are loving this summer?
 Go ahead give yourself a braid!!!!

3 Responses

  1. frrrly

    Great pics Kim!! I also love braids and am rocking one right now. When I was a little girl my mom always braided my hair and it was always a special thing we did together. I am glad that your girls are lucky enough to have a mom who likes to spend time braiding their hair!!

  2. Tania

    I love braids too. I am really loving a marcel wave, playing with it at home, but haven’t left the house with it yet…

  3. Lissy

    The cute braids you’ve had in your hair the past few days have inspired me to try my own, Kim! And guess what! It actually stayed in!