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I’ve been trying to blog for days now.

Obviously it hasn’t worked.

I’ve tried to come up with something to talk about, honestly, I’ve even tried to force it a few times by opening up the post writer and putting my fingers to the keyboard.


All I hear is static.

So, rather than continue the silence, I figured I’d talk about it. Not that you’re not used to it by now, right? I mean, honestly, how many times have I announced, “I’m back!” or have had to say, “Did you miss me?”

Those of you that know me in person, know that this is what I’m like. I’m either talking too much, or not talking enough. There is rarely a happy medium.

The passed week I’ve been spending my days alternating between being a miserable grumpy bitch and being in a day dream stupor.

January is a busy month, there are things I should be doing, but you know me, Queen Procrastinator.

Why do Now what I can do Tomorrow..?

It’s my motto.

Not a good one, not even one that I choose consciously, but it is what it is. It’s mine. And if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s owning my flaws… once I’ve recognized them, that is.

Right now, I’m day dreaming about having my own studio. A place where all my tools are set up and waiting. A place where I can’t decide to watch tv instead, or find myself an hour later still on Facebook. A place where my motto doesn’t rule supreme. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Course, day dreams generally are nice. Otherwise a person wouldn’t be dreaming while awake about whatever it is they’re dreaming about, would they?

I tell keep telling myself, “It’ll happen. I’ll get my studio one day.” But I take no steps toward making it happen. I’ve got too much Dream, not enough Do. Just another flaw.

You want to know somemore flaws? Here, I’ll tell you a few. Then maybe you can share some of yours.

  • I can’t drive. Seriously, I’m horrible. (I’ve never been in an accident while I’m driving, but it’s been close.)
  • I spend too much time on the computer.
  • I only half listen most of the time. It’s something I’m constantly struggling with my son over, yet it comes straight from my genes. If you hear me saying, “uh-huh…yeah… huh… funny…” I’m not listening to you. Feel free to call me on it. I mean, I’ll lie about it, but at least you will have gotten my attention.
  • My main food groups are, Sugar, High Fructose Syrup, Artificial Colouring, and Chocolate.
  • I’m a total clutter-bug. A borderline hoarder really. It’s so bad it even bugs me. But do I do anything about it? Pfft.
  • I cut ppl off. (When they’re talking, I mean. We’ve already covered Driving.) I can’t seem to stop. I’ll even go into a convo telling myself, “you won’t interrupt” and yet there I am, cutting the person off, to talk about…. ME!
  • My favorite way to exercise is to watch infomercials for the AB-DOer Twist (seriously, have you seen that one? It’ll make your day.)


OK, I shared some of mine. Let’s hear yours.

Hearts & Bubbles

2 Responses

  1. Kim

    You need one of those as your computer chair!!!

  2. Maya

    I eat too much, I yell too much and I spend too much.