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Something Postponed, Canceled and Random

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Something Postponed:

Kim and I had grand plans to finally put stuff in our Etsy store June 15th (we opened it, like, forever ago. No, really, forever ago)… What’s the date? Yeeeeah… that’s right. I’ve decided that June 30th is the new 15th (erm… hope that’s cool, Kim). And maybe the fact that I’ve put it out there for all of you to read will mean that we will stick to it.


Somehow, June is getting away from me. I blame work. Even though (eh-hem) someone likes to remind me that I only work 1-3 days a week, 1-3 short days, I still blame work. I blame work not because it takes up so much of my time, no, it’s because my routine, the routine I’ve been maintaining for the last few years, is thrown off. Which fucks me right up. I’m a creature of habit and routine. I know, everyone sorta is, but I’m a little extreme in this aspect. Mess with my routine, and you may as well have given me a lobotomy. I’m a drooling, scatterbrained mess.

Pretty soon, this work thing will be part of my routine, and then I’ll go back to normal. Or as normal as I ever was, I anyways.

Something Canceled (this week):

As you might have noticed, MusicVideoMonday didn’t happen yesterday. Why? Because, after work, we didn’t want to do it. That’s it.

Something Random:

I’ve a theory to share with you. I believe that your first thought of the day sets the tone for your next 24hrs.  Sure, you can totally change the tone, but there is always that undercurrent of where it began. Sometimes, it can almost be a bit of a fortune teller, in fact.

My first thought of the day was:

“Gah! Is that stink from me?!”

So, ya know, I’m thinking that my day is going to be a bit of a mishmash today. Here’s my break down of the thought and what it means for the day:

1. It was truly a god awful stink, like maybe my worst ever. Waking up to the smell… well it was like waking up to someone else’s stink, and we all know how nasty that is.

2. I’m always fairly proud of my smells… and since this was an especially potent one. Well I was seriously impressed… with myself.


My day is going to be kinda shitty, but I’m going to be cool with that.

What was your first thought of the day?

6 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    your so funny!
    my first thought was at 4ish when i started my morning because a cute leach like character decided that sleeping on the boob and waking every 10 minute was the only way to get any shut eye until 8 when I had had enough
    I believe my thought was
    ” are you fucking kidding me?” now if you could translate that into something positive for me…
    ps. today is a good day!

  2. mandolynn

    I woke up to the song “5 years time” by Noah and the whale playing in my head, the sun shining on my face, the bed all warm and cozy and smelling delighful and clean. Today is a beautiful day!

  3. Mermaidmomma

    LMAO – Too funny – I was actually awoken by my 4 year old apologizing that she had peed her bed and then both her and my 7 year old son joining my hubby and I, in our king size bed. AT 4 AM!! Fortunately, we all went back to sleep and we slept in!

  4. Leslie R.

    My first thought was…yay! I get to go to work in my new store (instead of trudge off to my old hated job). Lucky girl am I!!

  5. Kristi

    I really like your theory, although I don’t quite remember what my first thought of the day was today…I will pay more attention tomorrow morning!!!

  6. Crystal

    Funny Lissy! You must be fairly comical to live with!

    My first thought of the day was, upon realizing I’d slept in: Sweet Titty! Lane is still asleep! LOL We were late to school, but, more importantly, Lane slept in! I’m sure all you mommies know how nice it is to just wake up, not be woken up on demand. My girls just leave me be now, especially on school days where there is the hope of maybe staying home ’til lunch or skipping school altogether!

    I expect I’ll have a great day!