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Social Media for Beginners Workshop and Dinner

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What’s that?Well, that’s the workshop Kim and I are teaching at our local Community Center this weekend. It’s free and for anyone that wonders what exactly it’s all about, or isn’t sure how to work things like facebook. So basically for ppl my mom’s age and older, I think. I mean, you don’t hear too many ppl 35 and under wonder what it’s for or how it works, they live there already, it’s their home. Kim and I are a perfect example.

Now I’m wondering, is there anything you’re wondering about social media? What sort of questions would you ask if you were attending such a class? Give us some ideas. Do it!

We worked on it for almost 5 hours today… I left my brain back there. We did a lot of mindless clicking as we took screenshot after screenshot for our power point presentation. We’re both sorta wondering what we got ourselves into at this point. I mean, really, I hope the ppl that signed up have a good sense of humor, since the screenshots say things like: “Kim, you smell” if you look really closely. That’s what you get when you roll with us though.

I drank way too much caffeine today (in fact, you should probably read this post at a really fast pace, because even though I’m putting in comma’s and periods, they are a product of my trained typing fingers, the thoughts don’t have any at all…) and now I’m tired and jittery all at once, I’m not a fan of the feeling. I keep pacing, thinking, I should make dinner!… nope, too tired… what’s new on Face? nothing…. I should make dinner… nope… well, you get the idea. Maybe you can tell from the way this post is going actually. It’s sorta all over the place. Speaking of which, I’m going to make taco salad for dinner! Well, I guess I wasn’t speaking of that at all, was I? Anyways….

Will mine look like that? Nope, not a chance! But that one is pretty, isn’t it? Maybe you should make me one that looks like that. Do it!


PS. Remind me not to drink coffee ever again… unless it’s a latte… or a frappacino… or in ice cream…

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  1. Anonymous

    ummmm. your probably thinking to much about it….these people are beginners you are going to be moving alot slower then planned I bet!
    This coming from an experienced over planner…sort of