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I shouldn’t Lie to the Unborn

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I f*cking hate everything.
This water tastes gross.
My bra is too tight.
I have a headache AND the hiccups.
I am so f*cking tired.
I feel like sh*t.
I wish I could actually take a sh*t.
I want sushi and pho.
I am in a never ending spiraling pit of despair.
Being pregnant is the worst.


I want to go home and die now.
Unless someone brought me sushi and pho.
I would die after that.
Why don’t I have these things yet?
Other people are the new worst.


Someone is smoking outside.
Don’t they know that if I smell cigarette smoke, I fly into a death rage?
I’ll sit here and stare until they go away.
Sort of like what the cat does.


My doctor told me I need to stop referring to the fetus as
the baby jerk. I feel like I shouldn’t lie to the unborn.


Tiger Lily is watching you