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Rings and Things

My MIL is coming for dinner tonight (she’s dropping her dog off for the week while she jumps over to Hawaii. Yes, we are a Dog Hotel). I should prob clean the bathroom, but not sure I’ll get around to it. She knows me, my MIL, I like to think that she rolls her eyes good-naturedly (I think that whenever anyone rolls their eyes at me it’s in a “oh she’s so adorably annoying” kinda way. I’m never wrong about this, ask my husband) at my blatantly adorable flaws, for instance, my inability to clean.

Actually, if I ever mention sewing on a Sunday again, I give you a free pass to roll your eyes at me with any feeling you want, because I won’t do it. I won’t. Sundays are busy for me, but I somehow manage to forget this every week until Sunday rolls around. Sunday is the day that I get ready for the rest of the week: Laundry, vacuuming, school lunch prep, blahblahblah…

On Friday I mentioned that I would share some of the new crafts I’ve been working on. I’ve never tried making rings before, but lately I’ve been needing instant gratification projects, like super instant. Instant coffee vs coffee maker, instant (although, maybe it takes longer to boil the water for instant coffee than it does to make a pot, so that may not be the best comparison). I knit a couple of plushies for the kids, they adore them, but i wasn’t really feeling it. Also, although they really only took like an hour to make, they just weren’t quick enough.

So I started palying around with scraps of stuff I had in my stash and this is what I came up with (the fingerless gloves are mine as well):

**Note: The rings are made entirely from recycled and salvaged materials. Just doing my part to make the world greener, ya know… or maybe it’s cuz I’m cheap and don’t like to waste anything.

3 Responses

  1. Farrell

    I really cant help myself, but you know how I am, my urge to copy your stuffies is almost unstoppable. Those are totally adorable!!!!!!!!…….Im too lazy and I couldnt get them that cute anyhow.Im thinking that your styles remind me of Alice in Wonderland, the tea party part…Fm:)

  2. CountryMama

    Your creativity floors me, Lissy!

  3. Lissy