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Random Love:

At least once a month I come across the movie Far and Away on TV. I am never able to not watch it. Now, I would never call it my favorite movie, but there is just something about Nicole Kidman (back when her face moved) and Tom Cruise (before the crazy, with his front teeth in the side of this mouth)  in period clothes, spoutin’ Irish accents, that is the right formula to = irresistible to me.

Well anyways, this morning I’m watching it, and I start to think about some other things that I just can’t resist. And thought I’d share a few…

Like a Starbucks Waterless Soy Chai Latte:

And Candy:

And Books:
And Dancing Elderly:

What do you find irresistible?

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  1. Qwerty

    there really is so many random things to love isnt there. I love waking up to a warm fire lit on a cold day!