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Perfect Pairings: Shit Glued to Other Shit and some other things

Its a bit quiet around here today…. Lissy is at home with a bad cold, I’m lonely but happy she kept her plague ridden self at home. Nicely for her though, both rotten children went to school AND her husband was working, so she got the whole house to herself!!
For today’s 1st Perfect Pairing, I have chosen my friend Sarah’s favorite crafting; Shit Glued to Other Shit.  She threatens often to bring in shit she wants to glue for us to sell here in the store… Maybe if she meant more of this type of thing and not rocks glued to sticks, we would be more pumped on it.
I know what everyone is going to think with this next one…. Couples tattoos? Really Mandy?? Really? REALLY???  Yes, I do mean it.  I think they are fun if done right also they don’t have to all stupid and all “We love each other forever and ever and ever”
Friends can have matching tattoos, so can siblings, so all of you nay sayers can beat it :)
Lastly, I’m gonna totally phone this one in.  Here.  Dudes and Kitties.  I like both of those things.
Wanna see more pictures of boys and cats than you ever thought you would want to look at? Go Here!
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  1. Maya

    I am hearing your voice in my head reading this post to me. You’re funny Mandy ;)