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Our First GIVEAWAY!!!

*** Caution***
If you do not like free stuff, avert your eyes now
Remember last week when we mentioned that we were planning something fun? Well here it is! Our very first giveaway!!!
We describe ourselves as a craft blog, but even we realize how funny that is, since we have yet to put up one thing that is crafty. So we decided to prove just how crafty we can be… by giving away things crafted by us.
One lucky follower will win a Polluted Pixie Package that contains:
1 pair of earrings (Kim)
1 knit cowl/shawl (Kim)
1 pair of Fingerless Gloves (Lissy)
1 bow ring made of upcycled leather (Lissy)
All items are one size fits all.
To enter to win you must:
* Be a follower (so if you aren’t one already, it’s time to become one).
* Leave a comment with your name, email address, and what PP package (choose from below) you would like for your own.
******For extra entries ******
To increase your chance of winning you can earn extra entries by:
1: Tweeting about our giveaway
2: Blogging about it
3: Posting it on your Facebook wall(There is no limit to this, do it daily if you want)

Each time you do one of the above, leave a new comment, on this post, telling us what you did.
Are you ready to see what you could win?
PPP#1 includes:
* a Light pink leather bow ring
* one pair of lavendar colored fingerless gloves
* one striped purple cowl/shawl with avocado colored buttons
* a pair of raspberry colored, leather strip, earrings
 PPP#2 includes:
* a red leather bow ring
* a pair of mixed grey fingerless gloves, (look closely, you might see an owl)
* a black cowl/shawl with red and white polka dot fabric covered buttons
* a pair of gold bow and onyx earrings
 PPP#3 includes
* a light pink and black leather bow ring
* a pair of mixed grey owl fingerless gloves
* olive green cowl/shawl with teal satin covered buttons
* silver leaf and amazonite stone earrings
End date: May 31st @ 10pm

49 Responses

  1. Kuli

    We (Madison and I) have decided we would LOVE PP package #2. Please! (and thank you too!)

    ~ Crystal & Madison

  2. lisa

    My name is Lisa Fedorkie! And I like the #3 pack :)

  3. Kuli

    I posted a link to my wall! Check it out and enter me again please! :)

  4. The Youngest Senior -

    I’d go with #3. Such pretty colours!

  5. The Youngest Senior -

    I’ve also tweeted about your contest :)

  6. Kolleen77

    I love PP#3 :) Please enter me.

  7. Kolleen77

    Posted on my facebook too ;P

  8. Carrie

    great giveaways I love them all but if I have to pick I will pick 2


  9. Maya

    #3! Very nice work ladies!

  10. My name is Crystal, I am a follower, and I would choose #3!! Very cool stuff!


  11. I tweeted! (lilstufflessons)


  12. Pat Bowden

    ok Going to try to leave you a message again.
    Kim and Lissy, you are doing an awesome job with your blog. Your prizes for your first GIVEAWAY are very nice and if I was picked I would choose package #2.


  13. Kolleen77

    Posted it to my facebook again ;P Pick me, I’m your number one fan! hehe Not in a weird Kathy Bates kinda way though lol ;) PP#3 Please I <3 owls.

  14. Darlene McPherson

    I like PP # 3. I love the colors.

  15. Kristi

    I love all the of packages – beautiful work!!! I put you on my wall ;)

  16. Turtle Bead

    I just followed you and my e-mail is turtlebead@live.com


    I love PP #3 :D

  17. Turtle Bead

    I just put it on my FB wall! :D

  18. LIZ

    hi, i am your follower
    i am lovey PP #3 amazing

    email me :)

    thankies for helding this giveaway ♥

    hope this is international

  19. frrrly

    Frrrly wants #3!!! Thank you!!

  20. Ashly

    PPP #3 is adorable~! The colors go so well together.

    Ashly – moonless9t@yahoo.com

  21. Annika

    I’m already in love with PP2 :)


  22. Leslie R.

    Can’t believe I am just now finding your blog- I love it!! I’m now a follower.

    Package #3 is my favorite!

  23. ashley

    Im following your blog! I love all of them, it was hard to choose! but I really REALLY like PP1

  24. sturberry

    New follower! Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I like the second set the best:D

    sturberry @ gmail.com

  25. alex_alex

    the third on is lovely..!!!
    I’m a follower..!!!


  26. Reena555

    I’m a new follower – Reena S.

    I love #1 — so cute!


  27. Reena555

    I put it up on my facebook wall!


  28. Kim

    i’m a follower!!! I’d love to have number 3#

    Kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  29. iryn

    i’m a follower but is this open for international readers? :)

  30. Connie

    PPP #2


  31. Connie

    I am a follower…


  32. Kolleen77

    Posted it on my facebook I would LOVE PP#3 please.

  33. Reena555

    I posted on my facebook wall again

    I love #1 !!!


  34. sarinalv

    I am a follower of your blog
    I like ppp #3

  35. misaoli


    I’m a spanish follower, and would kill myself if i couldn’t participate here..I’m really in love with all 3 packages, specially with 2 and 3..
    please let me participate too!!

    my mail: cailinn@gmail.com

  36. Boldly Curious

    ello, breanna here!

    such a hard choice but im going with #1


  37. Sarah

    pp #2 please :)


  38. Faux

    Wow they’re all so cute and in my favorite colors!

  39. Nicole Brenna

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. Nicole Brenna

    I like them all but I think I like 1 the best… at first I thought 2 but then changes my mind

  41. Shelly

    tough choice – #3 I think

  42. SharpTeethOfLove


    I’m Jenna and I like #3 the best!

  43. Nicole Brenna

    This time I am entering for set number two….

  44. Kuli

    Just a reminder…Madison and I would LOVE PP package #2. We will share; promise! :)

  45. Kuli

    Posted on my facebook wall again too! Mmmmhmmmmm…..!

  46. Dragonfly Freedom

    my Name is Angie McCabe .. Package #3 pleeease..