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Oh…. Hi!

In our super busy schedule of drinking tea and eating soft cheese, we did another photo shoot with the lovely Lime Soda Photography!  There were two different themes. You only get one today.
Please feel free to add your own captions.  I started doing it, but then also started hating everything :)  Like why is Lissy holding a basketball? And in such a location? Get creative! Maybe if someone sends in some that make us physically LOL, they can get a prize or a present or…. uh… a jellyfish!! Anywhoodle, Lissy has gone to town so her child can do gymnast. There was all sorts of kids and dogs in here today…. Its like free birth control for me, and I really like that!
Smiley Face!
Mandy & Via Mental Telepathy, Lissy!

3 Responses

  1. Maya

    Hot! Super hot!

  2. farrell

    Nice pictures. I laughed when I saw the ball on Lissy’s crotch?!
    …If it looks sexy slung on my hip, it’ll look even hotter in the front, ha ha ha..

  3. Crystal

    Great pictures! Looks like a ton of fun. I think the straight on, color, head shot one of just Mandy looks like it could be for that TV show ‘Once Upon a Time’. :)