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Nailed It!

I know this is super hard for all of you, our loyal supporters to hear, but Lissy and I are sometimes crap at things.  You gasped right then didn’t you? I heard it, so don’t lie!
Anywhoodle, Liss and I tried to be awesome and paint our nails in fun manners and diligently followed the tutorial. For the most part anyways…..  This is what we attempted.

Lovely right? Totally adorable, and looks like your nails practically paint themselves no?  No is exactly right.  Sigh, it was a touch sloppy, a bit smelly and no where near as rad as pictured…..  Speaking of pictures, check out how we did and remember; Judge not lest we do this to you. Forcibly.

Our Colour Selection
Lissy’s Masterpieces!
Mandy’s sweet sweet job!

Three things we learned from this?
1. Refrain from having kids or dogs near you at any point.  Particularly if they have to pee and the leash is attached to your stool.  (The chair kind not the poop kind)
2. Paper reinforcements are way better than when we went to school.  Pre-stick them to your hand or something so they are less sticky!
3. If you have a buddy, use your buddy to paint your nails and vice versa.  Don’t be a hero and go solo.
*Bonus tip: Don’t test this out with dark nail polish and crappy remover :)


♥ M