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Today started a little bit earlier then usual for me, 6:11am, it stared with a dog whining in my face that he needed to go out, and because he just had surgery on his eyelid a few days ago he is not allowed to just wander around outside by himself, he has to be on a leash and I have to take him for a walk, so up I got……
So, by 6:50am I had walked the dog, made lunches, loaded the dishwasher, & helped with hair (it’s picture day for 2 of my kids). So, now it’s 8:30am…all 3 kids have left for school, I’ve drank 2 cups of coffee, blogged, facebooked, now for the rest of the day, which will probably be cleaning……oh the fun.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!!

3 Responses

  1. Lissy

    Ooooh… poor Jakey.

  2. Maya

    Poor Jake! Poor Kim! Love the music video!

  3. turbo teacher

    Look at poor Jakey. Rae was very sad to see Jake with his cone-head :( Take care of that old boy…