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It’s Wednesday, hmmm…..

Well, we’re doing it again. It’s Wednesday, and we’re…. um…. drinking wine. Wednesday may as well be called Wine Wednesday from here on out.

Today our excuse was that it was sunny. Sunny Deck Drinking is essential to good blogging, or so we are telling ourselves. It sounds like a good excuse, doesn’t it?

Today was actually a strategy day, or it was supposed to be. How to gain more followers? That was the question we are supposed to be working on atm. But we had to sit on the deck, drink wine, and bitch first. Now, maybe the wine had gained control over the day.

No, it hasn’t… we are totally in control… mostly.

Here is what we came up with… A Facebook Fan page. It’s a good place to start, right? Well, we actually started with Twitter last week, but we don’t have any followers (NudgeNudgeWinkWink) so it doesn’t count. We wonder, if we start a fan page, will you become a fan? And if you become a fan, will you become a follower of our blog?

Well… we’ll be right back, we’re going to Tweet and start a fan page. We’ll be back after this commercial break.