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if you are, i am too

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It’s happening, that thing that happens with friends, where one does something and then others starts considering it. I don’t think it’s copying exactly… no, it’s totally copying.

On Monday, a few of us are going to see my brother and sister(in-law) to get our hairs attended to. First off, I booked 3 trims, then one friend says, “maybe I want colour…? I want to be so white blonde I’m grey”. Alright. But then she says, “Nope, I want lilac. I want lilac hair that will wash out into grey”, and sends me this picture:5a974ac24feeeee86d290b7d2041f051

And now I want Lilac hair.

I won’t do it, obviously.

I won’t straight up steal my friends hair colour.

But it’s got me back onto pink hair.

I like to fantasize about pink hair a lot.

A lot.

I fall down pink hair Pinterest wormholes frequently, almost as much as I fall down Harry Potter Pinterest worm holes… who am I kidding, not nearly as much as I fall down HP worm holes, but I look at pink hair too much. Mostly all the Pins are Photoshopped pink hair, you can find the exact same picture in lilac shades when you search for lilac hair, but there are a few that look pretty real and maybe someday I’ll do it.

Maybe someday I’ll be a Bronie’s dream.




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(Photo 2 is my favorite, but it’s a Photoshopped one)