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I just wanna sleep…..

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So I’m back (not that I’ve been gone long)…..and trying to catch up on sleep again…..

We did a quick trip to Victoria and back to snuggle our new nephew Rylan ……

Now its back to regular busy life, I took Clay to the airport yesterday ,back to work he goes :( , today is a get life back in order day, kids off to school, clean, and get prepared for a crazy Tuesday, 10.5 hrs in town ,gad help me ( Yay motherhood! ).
I discovered this adorable singer Lisa Mitchell a couple of weeks ago, I just love everything about her…..so I thought I’d share her with you…..here is one of her videos, Coin Laundry. Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. Kristi

    OMG!!!!! Rylan is so cute!!! Congraulations Auntie Kim :) I’m glad that Clay got to meet his nephew while he was home!!!
    Love the song too, she has a really neat voice!!
    And boo on 10.5 hours in town – yuck :P

  2. Kim

    Thanks Kristi! I love being an Auntie, I love him to bits….I wish I lived closer so I could see him whenever I pleased! And yes it worked out perfectly with Clay being home…we were all happy about that!