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Hustling: Etsy, Bonnets and Patterns

You may have noticed it. All of a sudden you’re seeing us, daily.

A few times a day.

Facebook, instagram, etsy.

It’s a change from the monthly or bi-yearly you’re used to seeing us, we know.

But bitches gotta eat, yo… or rather, we have bills to pay, winter is hard and we had some new ideas about old things.

It’s funny how that can happen, isn’t it? You’ve been doing the same thing for a long time and then suddenly, the smallest idea comes and it makes a huge difference.

In our case, after ages of making things for babies, we one day thought, “why don’t we sell the pattern too?” We make up all our own patterns, so why the hell not give it a try?

And we are.

On etsy you can now find our bonnet pattern, well, a few of them actually and there is more to come.

Making the patterns is so much harder for me than making the bonnets. Trying to get instructions out of my head, that makes any sense to someone else that isn’t me, can be literally impossible some days. It’s happening though. People are buying them, using them and understanding them. It’s pretty much a miracle.

It doesn’t hurt that we have a ridiculously adorable model either.

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Bonnet Sewing Pattern Ear Hat Instant Download by PollutedPixie