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Hi, we’ve been busy.

So,  our 1st month anniversary came and went with a, well the sound kinda like a wet fart.  Both of us actually forgot it was our special day, see this is how busy we are!

What have we been doing you ask?  Days upon days of scouring the internet and catalogs to bring in goodies that our fine and fabulous customers might like.  A photo shoot, which we told you about and maybe you’ve seen the pictures on our Facebook page? If you haven’t seen them, why the heck not?  We are adorable!

We have also been discussing what we should do by way of a holiday/grand opening party.  Delightful Ladies in Dress Up, eating canapes and drinking champers? Yes this is in the works, yes we will  let everyone know!  Soon! Ish….

Back to us scouring the internet, we wanted to let everyone know what the biggest trends are for this winter.

Most Obvious:  Mustaches!  With the crazy popularity of Movember, mustaches have been cropping up everywhere!!  (That link is to my very dear friend Rob Stedeford who is growing out his for charity, so help a brother out!)

Coming soon mustashe bandages!

Sweetest Treat: Cupcakes!  Lip Gloss, mints, bandages, stickers and earbuds all frosted up and ready to go!!

Bring out the Geek: Pop Culture Plush and Vinyl Toys!  These babies arn’t in yet… but gotta say I am in love with these little guys!  So here is a sneak peek of whats coming in the next two weeks!



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  1. Maya

    I’ll be there the first week of December so don’t have the grand opening til then k? xoxo