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Halloween is for Grown Ups too

As I mentioned earlier Kim and I went out on Friday and I wasn’t really feeling it, but I sucked it up and we had a good time. For months we’ve been discussing our Sugar Skull/ Day of the Dead costumes, so it was slightly surprising to find that when it was time to do it, we were both slightly hesitant. We both felt we needed to watch a Youtube tutorial before diving in, so we did, and then we did… dive in I mean… in to the make up.

And you know what? We won a prize at the dance for our efforts. Well, of course we did, I mean really….

They may have been congratulating us on winning, but we were congratulating them too, for finally publicly recognizing our awesomeness. Took them long enough.

How was you’re Grown Up Halloween?


When we originally thought about how long it would take us to do our make up, we kind of thought a half hour each, but it was more like 1-1.5 hrs each….I think maybe if we had done a trial run, we could have done it quicker….but we were discussing what we were going to do next as we did it.

We showed up fashionable late, but not too late. It was a fun night, I loved seeing everyone’s costumes.
Yes, we won for our costumes which was really great, but have to say that everyone looked fabulous!!!!!


A few of our observations/questions from the night:

  • L –You may think that you need to take care not to take out that 80 year old woman you’re dancing beside, but you’re wrong. You need to take care that she doesn’t take you out.
  • L– How do you pee when you’re encased in a cardboard Lighthouse costume?
  • L– A lot of people in our community dance with their eyes closed. Have you seen someone dance with their eyes closed? They tend to be the ones that are REALLY into the music.
  • L– People that dance with their eyes closed kick and hit a lot of people.
  • K– It’s a little strange when people get right up in your face trying to figure out who you are.
  • K– It’s really hard to drink from a bottle when you don’t want to mess up your make up on your mouth.
  • K– There aren’t straws long enough for bottles.
  • K– Loves seeing a grown man do the ninja walk all night long!!