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!!!Grand Opening!!!

That’s right! We finally did it. We put items in our
etsy shop!!!
Yup, we’re pretty excited about it… it only took us, like, 3 years to get to it, (No really, check out our opening date… it says 2009) but we did it!
You may have noticed our absence lately, well now you know the cause. We’ve been working like crazy, using up our immense amounts of brain cells, trying to get all the details in order. Shipping materials, business cards, photos… things to sell. And now we’re ready, just in time for our blog’s 1 year anniversary!
We’re celebrating it all tomorrow… come back and check it out.
In the mean time, check this out.

Polluted Pixie



Come to the shop often, we’ll be adding new things daily this week.


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  1. Maya

    Good work girls!! Congratulations on getting the store up and running! Can’t wait to go take a peek! xo