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Friday’s Perfect Pairings

Okay, so I have decided to start something. On Fridays. Its called….

~Friday’s Perfect Pairings~

This is probably fueled by my new obsession of Pinterest. Literally I am spending 3-4 hours a day pinning shit and looking at other peoples boards. Luckily most of this time is spent while at the store, also at least its February that I’m doing this in and not like, August. I digress.  So here are some perfect pairings that I am currently IN LOVE with :)

Guinness chocolate cupcake with Bailey’s cream cheese frosting. OMG!

Because seriously? Who the hell wouldn’t want 1 of those? I’m just kidding. I would eat 12.

My Cuppow

DAVIDsTEA: Glitter and Gold.
At the moment, I am sad and disheartened.  It’s because we are out of Glitter and Gold.  And we were not planning to order any more tea for two more weeks.  I cannot last that long. I’ll die from longing….. sigh….
Oh btw, if anyone wants to order a special tea from DAVIDsTEA with us, check out their site, call us, Facebook us, smoke signal us or just come into the store and let us know whatcha want and we can all save on shipping :)  To make due, I am drinking Luscious Watermelon.  Its really good too, but doesn’t have the same visual effect that Glitter does in a clear drinking jar…. Its shiny and sparkly and delicious all at the same time!

So maybe I love plants and tea cups. A lot. The one to the left, I potted up yesterday.  Isn’t  it adorable?The cup is vintage bone china from England.  I either got it from my grandparents collection that they brought over by ship when they immigrated to Canada, or from a thrift store…. The plant is Sedum burrito or Donkey Tail.
The plants on the right, I found on Pinterest.

If you want to check out what we are obsessing about on Pinterest, you can follow our Polluted Pixie

I actually was gonna post more, but totally got sucked into a vortex and cannot pull away!

So Ta Ta for now!!