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I’ve been running a day ahead for the last 3 days. It’s made the week seem really slow. However, the one good thing about this is that I’ve had that “Friday Feeling” two days in a row. You know that feeling right? It sorta feels like this:

Yesterday Kim and I did a tiny photo shoot with a few of my new rings. I hope to post them Monday or Tuesday, depending on how the weekend pans out. Here’s a tiny taste:

Kim and her family are spending the weekend at a freinds condo up on Mount. Washington. Lots of snow play for them, I imagine, while we watch their old man Jake. They dropped him off this morning and he’s a sad, sad, boy at the moment.

As for my weekend, besides watching Jake, we’ll be going to my nieces 2nd birthday party and (hopefully) finally going to see Alice in Wonderland. Also, I’ve been wanting to sew for the past few weeks, but to do so requires hauling out all my equipment and setting it up (it also requires a bit of clean up before that can happen). The thought of all that has been enough to deflate any motivation I’ve mustered up lately, but on Sunday I plan to stop lazing out and just do it. Probably….

Anyways, have an amazing weekend and here are a few Friday Feelings to close out the day.

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    Love It!