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Hey, remember us? Sooo, maybe we haven’t been around much, or like, at all, but you know what? Here we are! Yay! And guess what… we’re miserable… yup. You know why? Today is Day 1 of a cleanse for us, that’s why.That means no tea… no coffee… in fact, no solid food either… for a week.

Do you know what we do get? A gallon of salt water, every morning. A salt water flush… flush is the key word. Have you have done a salt water flush? Well, we’d recommend it, for entertainment factor… well, it’s entertaining if you enjoy poo… which we do (that rhymed, did-ja like it?).

The Master Cleanse. It’s brutal. But it’s what we do. For the next week, you might not want to talk to us… or make eye contact. Just sayin’

No, just kidding (sort of), a giveaway is coming up, from our lovely friend Sam from Loka! So stay tuned…

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  1. Denise G

    Hi I received an email again from you for the biatch bag win!! Yay!! Could you please let me know that you received my info. Perhaps it is going to your spam mail if you haven’t received it.