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diy: baby celtic knot headband



Well, it’s fallen to me to be the Maker of Things for my baby that Mandy is Hosting, as Mandy is too miserable tired to make anything. Well, I’d be doing it anyways since, whenever Mandy finds something she wants that looks make-able, she looks at me and says sweetly, “Will you make it for me?” and then bats her snuffaluffagus eyelashes. Mostly I laugh at her and say no, since I’m immune to her eyelashes, but nobody says no to Poppy. So here I am, making things, and since I’m doing it, I’ll tell you how I did.


So here is a Mostly No-Sew DIY that could totally be made into a No-Sew Tutorial!


1headband diy title


Jersey knit fabric: An old t-shirt, a new t-shirt, a scarf, I don’t care what it is, it just needs to be stretchy. I used the flat sheet from my daughters set, cuz who the f*ck uses a flat sheet?

Scissors, rotary cutter, your teeth, whatever, something to cut with.

A sewing machine or No-sew glue. I ended up using both.

**Warning, I have a super grubby, glue and oiled on cutting mat, it’s not pretty. Don’t judge me. I use it hard.



Step 1: The strips

Cut 2 strips of jersey knit fabric. Mine were 2″x33″. 33″ was way too long for the newborn size that I made, but that’s what trimming is for.
Stretch the strips to make them curl.


Step 2: Making the Celtic Knot. I had no idea how to do this, so like everyone does, I googled it and found this tutorial that worked for me. It basically goes like this:


Loop one strip over top of the other strip.
Pull the bottom strip over and under the tails of the top strip.
Bring the tail of the bottom strip over the left side of the top loop and thread it under the bottom strip that is in the center of the top loop.
Pull it tight and adjust.

Did that make sense? If not, check out the link, if I could figure it out, you can figure it out.

Also, you can double the strips up to make a bigger knot. I think, you’ll have to try and see.


Step 3: Sew the ends

I trimmed the whole thing down to 13″, trim it to whatever size head you’re making it for.
Sew or glue the ends together.

Step 4: Binding. I cut a 2″x3″ piece off a remnant of the strip I’d cut off the end.

I got lazy and decided to glue the edges in instead of sewing. Feel free to be motivated if so inclined, gluing worked just fine though.
And then I wasn’t lazy and I used the machine to sew the ends of the binding together, inside out.


Lastly I turned it right side out and gave it a little dollop of glue to hold it in place.
19The End

Super easy and fast. Now, I’ll probably never make one of these again, so hopefully Poppy is a girl, but if she’s not, I have a Blueberry baby to make things for too :)

Head Sizes as found by me on the Interweb:

NB: 12-12.5 inches

3-6 months: 14-14.5 inches

6-9 Months: 15″

9-12 months: 15.5 inches

12-18 months: 16 inches

18-24 months: 17 inches

2-5 years: 17-18 inches