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a copy cat aka: a day at the colour factory

“Imitation is a form of flattery,” that’s what my mom has told me my entire life. I don’t think she believes it, entirely, I think it’s just one of those things you’re supposed to teach your kids, and so she tried, and continues to try. She’s a good Mom.

But anyways, I did it, I copied Sarah. Kind of. My hair is pink, so I didn’t so much steal her colour idea, since she went lilac and I did not, as I tied myself up in her super cape of bravery and leeched some out of her powers for myself, like a parasite. A bravery parasite. I’m more of a Ravenclaw kind of girl than a Gryffindor.

For some reason having crayon hair in one’s 30’s is much scarier than in one’s 20’s. I guess a part of that is not wanting to be seen as someone trying to be younger than I am.*

Another part is having teen children that have an actual opinion, one that they won’t shut up about. “I won’t be seen with you,” -Kaidence “Why don’t you just go and dye the other half of your head turquoise?” -Ethan **

*Lissy Fact: I don’t much care about being young. I’ve been waiting my entire life to be old enough to get away with being a raging curmudgeon. I have a few more years before it’s fully acceptable, but I get closer everyday. Old age, here I come. I want to be an old lady with pink hair so bad.
**Parent Fact: It’s your job to embarrass your children.

On Monday, Sarah, Meems (who is so patient) and I went to this little place called “The Colour Factory”.

It’s a place where one can be beautified, pampered and entertained all at once.

Run by the adorable duo Adrian and Farrell, The Colour Factory is a hidden gem in Campbell River. (It’s not really hidden, it’s just around the corner from Spice Hut. You’ll recognize it by the Harley parked outside). Part retro salon and part gypsy caravan, Adrian and Farrell make ugly people pretty for a living (just kidding, I mean, they totally could do that, they are that good, but you know, it’s not polite to call people ugly… *cough*). It is a fact, however, that if you go there, you’ll come out with awesome hair and a smile on your face, because they are the best, I think, I could be bias, I mean, they’re family. Adrian’s my brother after all, but let’s look at that another way, he’s my brother*** and therefore is actually the most annoying person I know (par with my kids at least), so I feel pretty confident in saying they are the best in Campbell River.

***Sibling Fact: Annoying behavior is mandatory, even as adults.

Random Musings:

  • We went in expecting to come out My Little Pony’s, we came out as characters from Jem and the Holograms.
  • Colorful hair takes a long time. Like, 5 hours long. Adrian and Farrell are marathoners. Rock stars even.
  • When people look at you and your unicorn hair hard, Meems will exclaim, “What the f*ck was that look for?!” followed promptly by, “Oh, right.”
  • Meems now has villain hair, but it’s part of her secret identity, so you can’t know about it.
  • The fact that Spice Hut tops up your Chai the same way other restaurants top up coffee has made it my new favorite place in CR.


Photo 2015-03-11, 11 22 12 AM
“Your bro doesn’t look like a hairdresser…” ~Sarah. She’s right, he looks like a combo of awesome and rad. It runs in the family.


Photo 2015-03-11, 11 19 58 AM
While holding a brush load of full strength pink dye, Adrian says to me, “Remember when you stole all my Pixies tapes…”


Photo 2015-03-11, 12 45 14 PM
“What the f*ck was that look for?!” aka: “I’m dying of bleach inhalation!”


Photo 2015-03-11, 11 20 42 AM

Photo 2015-03-11, 10 34 58 AM
And then I became Jem.


Photo 2015-03-11, 11 06 37 AM
and Sarah became Stormer.


Photo 2015-03-11, 10 30 48 AM
And my top knot is more fun than yours.


Photo 2015-03-11, 11 06 06 AM
And Sarah’s is more fun that mine.


Photo 2015-03-11, 10 33 42 AM

Photo 2015-03-11, 11 08 34 AM

Photo 2015-03-11, 10 31 14 AM


Photo 2015-03-12, 10 28 02 AM
“-truly truly truly outrageous.”


Photo 2015-03-11, 11 07 49 AM