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It’s not a bad thing, change. Sometimes it can feel like it, but it always leads to something new.

New = Exciting (and scary).

Polluted Pixie, as you’ve known us for the passed 4 years, is about to change.




We’re downsizing. We’re getting back to the basics of The Dirty Fairy Enterprise.

Starting in April, we’ll be in a new, smaller location. Still in the Quathiaski Cove Plaza, but in the back, in a studio space. Yup, we’re trading spaces with Sacred Pulse.

We’ll be tinkering, as we Tinkers do, making things for you jerks to buy, like you do.

Our retail section will be small. You’ll still be able to buy your smart-ass cards, tins and gum from us. You’ll be able to buy all the Bolga Baskets you can carry. More importantly, you’ll be able to buy all that rad sh*t we make. Like our classic, “Where Rad People Live” apparel and “B!tch Bag” lines.

We’re sad to leave our space here.

We’ll be sad to no longer park in our “I ♥ Gabe” labeled space and we’ll be sad to not get pissed at the people that park in our space.

We’ll be sad to not have a front row seat to the manic ferry line disasters during the long weekends.

We’ll be sad to no longer make snide remarks to the ppl claiming we’re not working hard enough… while we drink tea and tan outside.

We’ll be sad to no longer be able to make fun of the as*hole parking jobs in front if the store.

We’ll be sad to no longer hold court over our Tea B!tches, seated on our swivel chairs, behind our giant desk, being snarky.

And Christmas, we’ll really miss our beautiful store during Christmas, it really was the pretties, covered in lights.

But we’re excited too. It’s time for a change and so we’re changing.

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#3-671 Plaza Road, it’s been a blast. We’ll miss you, xxo.

Lissy & Mandy