Things That Did & Didn’t Happen Last Week

Did:A fold-over Redux B!tch Bag was made in a light army green canvas: Didn’t: Finish Taxes… :( Did: Lissy’s brother from The Colour Factory ombre’d her hair. Didn’t: Blog :( Did:  A baby sister Redux B!tch Bag was made for the fold-over. They don’t like each other very much.   Didn’t: Take out the garbage :( Did: Win at Winners.   Didn’t: Pay our Hydro on time. Just realized now. Dammit. Did: Eat at a ghetto Chinese food take out diner. … Read More

Un Chapeau

That’s right, just one. Because although I was in the cutest shop, in an adorable historic house in Okotoks, Alberta, and I was surrounded in 3 hats that I loved (and 3 more that I liked)… I could only get one. Let me tell you, it was torture. The problem, you see, is they were all cloches. I love cloches and the fact that they have come back into fashion in the last few years makes my head super happy. … Read More